FXR-Series_1FXR Series 2.5-18.0 m3/min
Refrigerant Compressed Air Dryers

The larger FXR series refrigerant compressed air dryers deliver dependable operation and optimum performance, using an advanced heat exchanger, separation and refrigeration technology.

Life cycle costs are reduced and installation is a breeze with the FXR series thanks to an intelligent design.

Key Benefits

  • Long term performance
    Compact and thermally efficient, the stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger, is corrosion resistant and ensures air quality and long term performance.
  • Environmentally friendly
    Energy efficient operation and the use of ozone friendly refrigerants reduce the FXR series refrigerant compressed air dryers, environmental impact.
  • High quality compressed air
    Best possible dew point performance under all conditions delivers dependable high quality compressed air.
  • Reduced operating costs
    The design of the brazed heat exchanger and integral separator ensures minimal pressure drop, improving system performance and reducing operating costs.

FX Dryers App
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FX Dryers iPad App

Technical Data

  Model Flow Capacity
Total Power
Power Supply
(VAC 50hz)
(L x W x H)
(Male BSP)
  FXR25 2.5 0.6 230/1 R134A 601 x 363 x 861 DN25 50
  FXR30 3.0 0.6 601 x 363 x 861 DN25 53
  FXR49 4.9 0.9 R407C 601 x 363 x 921 DN25 58
  FXR66 6.6 1.4 761 x 443 x 971 DN50 78
  FXR80 8.0> 1.6 761 x 443 x 971 DN50 85
  FXR100 10.0 2.1 811 x 493 x 1151 DN50 100
  FXR133 13.3 2.6 811 x 493 x 1151 DN50 112
  FXR150 15.0 2.8 811 x 493 x 1251 DN50 134
  FXR180 18.0 3.4 400/3 811 x 543 x 1321> DN65 152

The performance of the dryer (pressure dew point, power consumption, pressure drop etc.) depends mainly on the volume flow and pressure of the compressed air to be dried and the condenser refrigerant temperature.
(1)Measured and stated in accordance with ISO 1217 Annex C at the following conditions: Operating Pressure 7 bar, Air Intake Temperature 35°C, Ambient Temperature 25°C, Outlet Dewpoint 3°C.

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